New Update: C.D. Ran and finished a marathon in November2011!

New update from C.D.on Saturday, July 7th 2011  Update on my lungs. Not only did the congestion disappear and never come back (as I previously reported) but I recently had Pulmonary function tests done and my pulmonary functions have improved! (Western medicine says COPD doesn't get better) WooHoo!!!! THANK YOU  

Palm Springs Calif. Client, C.D. with Valey Fever- disabling Lung congestion.

Email 6/13./11

Just wanted to give you an update on last Tuesdays session. Shortness of Breath and congestion is all gone! I have not had to use inhaler or nebulizer since last Tuesday!

Thank you!!!  C.


Lena calms my spirit and inspires me in all my endeavors.. 

 Karen, Upland, Calif.


G.A. of  St Paul MN.

 In January 2010  I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with spontaneous CFS (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) leak. I felt relief immediately after my first treatment with Lena. She has amazing awareness and sense for healing and being able to communicate with her energy source. UPDATE July 7th " I was at the Mayo Clinic last month and my Neurologist said that the fluid surrounding my brain has gone. WOW! Well,.I believe that after only 4 treatments it was by Lena's hand. It's a miracle. No surprise really just affirmation. G.A.


I had a sadness with me my whole life, Lena has lifted that sadness and helped me find Peace

. Elizabeth, Pasadena, Calif.


I was introduced to Lena in 2007 she has helped me finish school and find a meaningful, happy life

. Theresa, Palm Desert, Calif.


She is a friend and  confidant. Her gentleness and warmth have eased my physical and emotional pain many times.

Sandra. Palm Springs, Calif. 


I met Lena at a Reiki class in Edinburgh, Scotland. She inspired me to to persue a  nursing career.  We often exchange Distance Healing Treatments.

 Linda, Aberdeen, Scotland.